Improve your business image  

with a professional office address!

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  • Enjoy the benefits of a Prestigious Commercial Business Address that is post office recognized. No made up suite numbers here!

  • Mail / Package Receiving (Forwarding Available)

  • Email notification when mail arrivesOnly at TRUE Space!

  • Eligible to Rent Meeting Rooms at Any Location

  • Directory Listing in TRUE Space Lobby - Only at TRUE Space!

  • Ability to Use Address as Formal Corporate Address

  • Free Parking for Fast and Easy Mail Pickup 

  • Saturday Mail Pickup Only at TRUE Space!

  • Simple to Start - No Set Up Fees - Online Sign Up

  • Month-to-Month (No Long Term Contracts)*

  • Rate Lock Guarantee Only at TRUE Space! Never a rate increase**

  • Boost Your Business Image!

TRUE Space Virtual Office

$ 44.99 Monthly

Get your Dallas, Texas Virtual Office TODAY!

Your Dallas Virtual Office Provides:

A virtual office is a business address, mailbox service, and business meeting place, that is used to improve your business image or provide added locations for your business.

It allows you to work from anywhere.


A TRUE Space virtual office in Dallas ($45/mo) provides the ability to: display a professional commercial business address; use that address as your formal/legal business address; receive mail at that address (business mailbox); and have the option to meet clients on site in a professional meeting room. All at an incredibly low monthly cost. A virtual office, enables you to literally put your business on internet maps, so potential customers can find you, and be more comfortable working with your business.




Rent meeting rooms at any TRUE Space location to meet potential clients, interview potential employees, etc.


You can use the address on your legal corporate filing with the state, so you don't need to list your home address where anyone can find it in a 5 second search.



Placing a legitimate post office recognized commercial address on your website and online directories enhances organic search results for your business. This is tremendously better than using a made up suite number that some virtual offices advertise.



You can build business credit using a virtual office providing a real Geographic Information System (GIS) commercial address, as TRUE Space offers. This is not possible using a residential address.



If you do online transactions from your website, credit card merchant services companies require you post your commercial address on your website for PCI compliance, your virtual office address meets that requirement.


Upgrade to a physical office while keeping the same address, when you need a place for employees to work, or you just reach the point where you need to get out of the house.


Have your mail forwarded to your home address instead of needing to pick it up in person.


List your address with Google My Business or Bing Places, as a "service business", to get free advertising online, which also further enhances your website organic search results (SEO).


Month-to-month service agreements that allow you the freedom to adjust to your businesses needs.


Monthly virtual office cost never increases as long as your account is kept current.



No hidden fees and surcharges that drastically increase monthly costs.


If selecting mail forwarding, only pay for mail forwarding when mail is actually forwarded

(fairest and lowest cost mail forwarding in the industry).

Paper Abstract


  • Home based businesses seeking a professional business image

  • Out of town businesses seeking an "in town" address

  • International businesses seeking a US based address

Need an address for government contracts or grants?

If your business will be seeking government contracts or grants, it's important to understand that neither a virtual office or co-working space will meet the US Government SAM.gov address requirements. For these you need a formal rental agreement for a physical space. You need a TRUE Space designated desk or office.

Need a commercial address to apply for business loans, lines of credit, or factoring services?

In these cases you will most likely want to rent a physical space. Banks and lenders have made it clear that when it comes time to apply for this level of financing, if the business doesn't have a physical place of business, most loan requests will be denied. You need a TRUE Space designated desk or office.


Professional address...

work from anywhere.

Get your Virtual Office TODAY!

TRUE Space Virtual Office Dallas, Texas

Our virtual offices in the Dallas area provide you with the business resources and professional presence to boost your business image and grow.


TRUE Space's Dallas virtual office services enable you to have a desired commercial address (business mailbox) without the need to lease a commercial office with a long term office lease. Your clients can easily locate your business office on the internet. Operating with a residential, post office, or shopping plaza address will impact your ability to win clients.


Our virtual office service provides you with incredible flexibility for your business. The standard month-to-month virtual office rental makes it easy for you to relocate your business at any time if needed. You also avoid a long term commitment to a fixed location associated with a regular office lease while gaining the ability to expand into small offices, and executive suites. When you need to grow more, our North Dallas location has office spaces rented on a monthly basis. Upgrade, your service while keeping your same business address. Virtual space is usually the first step a business takes in establishing a market presence, and offers a great way to establish your business until you are ready for a more formal office environment.


Our virtual office clients enjoy access to beautiful facilities for client and employee meetings including access to Meeting/Training Rooms at all locations that can be rented by the hour, and a Reception/Waiting Area where your clients can await your arrival. Your business is shown on the TRUE Space lobby listing board, within the TRUE Space suite, so your clients can positively identify your office location.


Enjoy a great corporate identity with your professional virtual business address and Meeting Room, all at a very low monthly fee. TRUE Space provides a low cost virtual office solution to put your business on the map! TRUE Space is a business focused mail center. Use of the TRUE Space address for personal mail is not permitted. All received mail must have your business name in the address block.


Dallas is a leading business location that is widely recognized as the commercial center of the South. We welcome you to join us as a virtual client at our conveniently located Dallas, Texas business centers.

Special Notes 

* Google or Bing Address Listings: If using a TRUE Space address for address filing with Google or Bing search engines. When TRUE Space receives either verification pin mailing, you will be notified that you must prepay the next 6 months of virtual office service in order to receive your Google or Bing verification pin. After 6 months, your account continues on the standard month-to-month billing.


** Rate Lock Guarantee: This is a unique TRUE Space benefit! Your monthly virtual office service rate will NEVER increase as long as your account remains active and does not fall into default (payment late more than 14 days). Our competitors often do huge price increases after trial periods or after the 1st year is complete. With TRUE Space, your long term costs are known and there are no unexpected price increases. Your monthly rate is grandfathered to your sign up rate.