Mail & Package Services

Your TRUE Space virtual office business center accepts delivery of your business mail and small packages. We are your Dallas business mailbox.

There are options for Mail Pickup and ultra convenient Mail Forwarding. There is no monthly cost for mail forwarding. You only pay when mail is forwarded.

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Mail Pickup (You must be local in the Dallas Area to select this option)

When mail arrives, we email you a "TRUE Space Mail Alert" letting you know you have received mail and who the sender is. You never need to guess if you have mail. This is a service UNIQUE to TRUE Space.  If there is mail, we ask that you come in to pick up your mail at least once every 30 days.


Mail Forwarding

Your mail is consolidated into a larger envelope and mailed to you.

Forwarding Upon Request

When mail arrives, we email you a "TRUE Space Mail Alert" letting you know you received mail and who the sender is. If you reply to that email "Please Forward", we forward that mail along with any other accumulated mail. If you don't respond, we simply place the mail in your mail slot until you later ask for mail to be forwarded.


Weekly Mail Forwarding

No email notifications, mail is just automatically forwarded to you at the end of each week. If you only have obvious junk mail in your mailbox, we won't forward that mail until you have other "real" mail.

TRUE Space Mail Services

We proudly offer the lowest cost mail forwarding service in the industry. Mail Forwarding cost per batch of mail forwarded is a $4.00 service fee + actual postage. Clients desiring mail forwarding provide a Mail Forwarding Deposit from which the service fee and postage costs are deducted. For U.S. based clients, the minimum Mail Forwarding Deposit is $25.00. Outside the U.S. $50.00. When your Mail Forwarding Deposit balance drops below $7.00, it is automatically replenished with another $25.00 ($50.00 international) charge to your payment card on file.  Clients located outside the U.S. have the option to have mail scanned and emailed (see rates below).



Package Pickup

Mail Pickup clients are automatically set up as Package Pickup. All packages must be picked up

within 3 business days of notification of package delivery.


Mail forwarding clients have the option of either Package Pickup or Automatic Package Forwarding.

TRUE Space Package Services

Automatic Package Forwarding

Packages are automatically forwarded to your package forwarding address upon receipt. We forward via both UPS and FedEx (based on most efficient shipping option). You pay a $12.50 package forwarding service charge + actual cost of shipping per batch of packages. Envelopes shipped via overnight or 2nd day air qualify as packages. Due to the substantial costs associated with package forwarding, TRUE Space requires a separate Package Forwarding Deposit that must be provided via check or money order. Package forwarding costs are deducted from this balance. The minimum initial package forwarding deposit is $150.00 and minimum replenishment amount is $150.00. Deposits made by check require seven days before those funds are available, while deposits by certified funds (money order or cashiers check) are immediately available upon deposit.

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  • All mail must include your full business name in the address

  • We are unable to sign for any signature required mail

  • The virtual office address can not be used as the return address on mass mailings.


  • Business deliveries only please - no personal items

  • No signature: we are unable to sign for packages (international packages are always signature required)

  • Max Weight: 50lbs

  • Max Dimensions: 24" x 18" x 18" (or approximately similar L x W x H combined size)

  • No LTL or freight deliveries

  • No boxes containing reams of printer paper

  • No toilet paper, paper towels, sleeves of cups, and other bulk product deliveries.

  • Please do not ship high dollar electronics, computers, printers to your virtual office

  • No fulfillment forwarding - we can not forward deliveries to your clients or constantly changing addresses

  • We can not affix your personal shipping labels

  • TRUE Space is not equipped for large volumes of packages. If you expect to receive package deliveries on a regular basis, or time critical shipments, we strongly suggest using a mailbox store for those deliveries.

  • The virtual office address can not be used as the return address on products you ship to clients and can not be used as an RMA address for product returns.

USPS Form 1583

As part of your virtual office setup, you will be required to provide a signed and notarized copy of USPS Form 1583. This is a single page postal form that designates TRUE Space as your "mail agent" to receive mail on your behalf. This form will be emailed to you once your virtual office is set up. You can complete it, have it notarized, and return to us via email along with the required two forms of ID. A flatbed scanner is required to send via email. Other options include delivering the form in person with the copies of ID's, or mailing the form and ID's to TRUE Space.


Per US Post Office rules, mail and packages can not be processed for your business until we have this completed form and the two required forms of ID.

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* Mail Scanning: Available only to our international clients: $5.00 for the first 10 pages/sides then $1.00 for each additional page/side.