Why TRUE Space

We are truly focused on your success, which drives our success.


Our mission is to provide an industry leading virtual office services at a fair price.


Our goal is a win win relationship that, for our clients, leads to the highest business success rate in the industry.


Our difference: TRUE Space's specializes in virtual office services. We are NOT a co-working space that tries to do some virtual services on the side. Everything we do is designed to optimize the value and performance of our virtual services. This means, you get the best service, with the most functionality, at the best price.  Our standard service provides more than any competitor offers, even with all their add on upcharge items. With TRUE Space you receive outstanding virtual office service, as our every day normal level of service.  

TRUE Space rocked the industry when when we launched our virtual office service that offered better service than the competition at a much better price, and without the advertising/pricing tricks and contract gotcha's that are the norm in this industry. We truly understand the tools you need and the challenges you face as a small business owner. At TRUE Space, we choose functional over flashy, productive over noisy social, and what's best for our clients over extra profits. To date, this has led to TRUE Space being the fastest growing virtual office provider in our service markets.


TRUE Space vs. industry norms...we focus on what is best for our clients

  • We believe in honesty in all matters, so we display real monthly virtual office rates. We refuse to participate in the industry norm of deceptive teaser rates, which really include the most bare bones basic level of service, which increase dramatically as you add needed basic services. Competitors commonly tease with rates that only apply to long term contracts while making it look like those are monthly rates.

  • We think all costs should be clearly disclosed upfront, so you know the total monthly cost of your services. We say "No" to the industry's common practice of using a massive array of hidden costs that you don't find out about until after signing up, and which dramatically inflate monthly service costs.

  • We recognize that you want manageable and predictable service costs so we never increase your monthly virtual office cost as long as your account is kept current. We feel it's wrong that the industry norm is to hit businesses with a substantial virtual office price increase after the first year.

  • We know your time is incredibly valuable so we email you to let you know when mail has arrived. We think it's wrong that our competitors require you to drive to the office, or call them to see if you have received mail.

  • We strive to locate our business centers where there is free and easy parking so its a breeze to pick up your mail.

  • TRUE Space clients get to use our GIS (Geographic Information System) legitimate address which provides exceptionally better value than using a fake suite number address that some of our competitors try to use to lure in unsuspecting new businesses. GIS addresses are recognized by search engines and help boost your businesses online presence.


With TRUE Space you get a long term business partner you can trust.


Business Start Up Rules to Grow By

Every business founder makes some key decisions that can ultimately make or break the business. You start your business with an address, phone number and website URL and build from there. It is absolutely critical that you have 100% control of all three of these. We recognize the desire for simplicity at the start, to get multiple components in a bundle, but that simplicity at the start can turn into a nightmare down the road. You need control that provides flexibility to adapt your business when the time comes. Here are our 3 basic startup rules to help you control your business and succeed. Hopefully with a TRUE Space virtual office!

Rule 1: Use a professional address

You don't win clients or business deals when you appear to be a business based out of residential address, a PO Box, or a mailbox store. People simply don't trust that you are established or committed enough to do what you promise. You also need a place to meet potential clients, interview employees, and hold staff meetings. There is great confidence in knowing you have that professional meeting room available when needed.


Rule 2: Own and control your phone number

You build your business around your phone number. It goes on everything. Own it! If you use a phone number provided by a virtual office, think what happens to your business when you outgrow your virtual office and they won't let you take ("port") the phone number? Or if you are allowed to port the number, and the porting process takes 30 days, or the port process fails and the number is stuck in limbo or lost? (This happens all the time!). Don't jeopardize your business by not owning your business phone number. There are plenty of online services that can provide you with your own business phone number with a phone message tree, call forwarding, voicemail, voicemail transcription to email or text, etc. at a super low cost (lower than the cost you typically pay to get a phone number from a virtual office). Having a phone number that is registered to your business name can also help build business credit and improve your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! If you really think having someone else answer your phones is a good idea, you can hire a phone answering service. Simply stated, don't use a phone number given by, or that you pay for through a virtual office, instead own it directly!


Rule 3: Own your website URL and have it hosted on a server site you control

We see it all the time, a small business owner hires their cousin, neighbor, friend, or friend of a friend to build a low cost website and host it on their personal server. Something happens and that personal connection is broken or the person who built it loses interest. The small business loses their website and in some cases control of their URL. There are lots of great options nowadays for website design using templates with giant website hosting companies or established website developers. Always, own the rights to your website, and ensure it is hosted on a server (hosting site) that you have access and control (you pay the bill).


We hope this extra information is helpful and we look forward to working with you.